Upcoming Events

I will be accompanying on bansuri the fantastic Khyal vocalist Prabhat Rao (senior disciple of Chandrima Mishra) at The World Yoga Festival in Reading, on July 20th. I will also be playing tanpura for his sunday morning concert.

Latest News

I am now offering private bansuri lessons for beginners from my home in N4.
Please contact me for more details.

This winter I will be travelling to India for the first time, to study at Pandit Hauriprasad Chaurasia's Orissa gurukul.

I am currently working on an EP of downtempo/ambient & organic electronica tracks.
These were originally created as soundscapes for live music for yoga workshops, and so will be designed to complement a meditative practice.
My first album entitled 'Music for Yoga' is available on bandcamp

A new project with the amazing Uran Apak (vocals) is in the making, with myself on guitar. We are planning to release an EP soon, based on a concept of fully improvised performances as a duo and songs written around improvised guitar recordings.

The Improvisers' Choir (TIC) will be recording a live EP, at Craxton Studios. I will be attending the 2nd of 2 dates TBC.
There will also be limited audience tickets available. More info soon..

About Sound Mandala

Sound Mandala is the home of Music for Yoga Workshops, Sound Journeys, bansuri lessons (for beginners) and Music by Yan White.

Music and sound for me represent many different aspects of a life revolving around creativity, community, connectedness, contribution.. in an integrated meaningful life all these parts become one beautiful mandala.

The visual image of a mandala has been particularly resonant for me because of the deep sense of stability and perfection it embodies. I have always felt an affinity towards the spiritual, the mystical and the balanced.

I was deeply inspired by an introduction to sharing circles, beginning on the very first day of my yoga teacher training with Jivani Yoga. Followed by an introduction to circle songs from around the world, and to the Bhakti Yoga practice of Kirtan.

After 7 months living in Thailand, training and then teaching yoga, I returned to London and began the process of changing my relationship with my home town by seeking out communities. I discovered Sound Healing, Sound Journeys, Circle Singing (both composed and improvised), Drum Circle, 5Rhythms Dance and ultimately Indian Classical Music (Shastriya Sangeet), which is now my primary focus.

Gradually my experience with making and recording music, making fluid mandala paintings, looping, the circular nature of Shastriya Sangeet, all crystallized into the concept of Sound Mandala. An integration of these various practices.

I believe in the healing power of the circle, and of sound itself.
The idea that we are elements making up a larger harmonious pattern is beautiful to me, and reminds me that we all play a vital contribution to this mandala in being ourselves.

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